Poster – This Is It Michael Jackson


(I like how the negative space at his feet forms sort of a crown)

This Is ItSony’s Michael Jacksondocudrama, will be released next month – a fact that still boggles my mind.
The man only recently died, and a short few months later, a celluloid document of his last performance will hit theaters – on October 28thspecifically, as the poster states.
I’m torn; I want the film to be successful, if only for MJ’s fans (a large club of which I’m a member); yet, a part of me wants it to fail, as a demonstration of the public’s disapproval of Sony’s exploitation of his death, for profit!
Will I see it? Ya know… I’m not so sure. It feels too soon. It’ll be a game-time decision for me.
How about you?
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