Movie Poster/Trailer: Black Shampoo

It’s telling just how black male actors in contemporary mainstream movies and television have been almost entirely de-sexualized, especially in comparison to their blaxploitation forefathers of the 70s – an era in which we saw over-sexualized representations of black men in countless films.

The trailer below could be for almost any film made during that period – he’s great in the sack with the ladies (both black and white), and he’ll kick your ass – or more specifically, Whitey’s ass! That about sums up a lot of them! He may as well have been a walking penis… a walking penis with martial arts skills… and a gun… plus a blow-dryer in this specific instance.

A true renaissance man

Thanks Sweetback!

I dare any of today’s black male actors to be even half as bold.

John Daniels plays Jonathan Knight, the owner of “Mr. Jonathan’s,” the most successful hair salon for women on the Sunset Strip.

His reputation as a lover has become so awesome that he is sought after almost as much in that capacity as he is for his experience as a hair stylist!

Everything is cool for Jonathan until he messes with the mob in an effort to protect his young attractive receptionist from her former boss.

Action explodes when the “love” machine becomes the “killing” machine. Jonathan, chainsaw in hand, gets down to the get down on the vicious mob gang that wrecks his shop and kidnaps his woman.

Here’s the Black Shampoo trailer below:

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