Ambient Advertising: Obscura

Obscura CueLight from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

Obscura CueLight. It’s literally as if someone took the Microsoft Surface Computer and a pool table, forced them to get married and have a kid…. the CueLight would be their honor student. The CueLight uses a conventional pool table as it’s canvas and the paint brush is an overhead projector equipped with sensors and motion detectors. The projector creates images on the pool table based on how the game is played. As the balls are hit and roll around they reveal an image that seemingly appears underneath. The system is fully customizable with the ability to trail flames behind balls and project a pool of water on the table that ripples with the motion of the balls. Not including the cost of the pool table, the CueLight treatment will run you about $80,000. Scratching on the 8-ball never looked so good!Source
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