Jay-Z: Blueprint III Ad

It's just all laid out so smooth. All of Jay-Z's album art leading up to the Blueprint III recreated in motion and in marketing magic. Did I say release? Maybe I should say unleash. This is not so much as a musical release as much as it is a marketing malaise. There has been an amazing ground swell and great buzz surround this mp3 collection for a year or so. Considering the state of music, how does anyone sell a half of a million to a million albums in the first week? Who's buying this music? Well if anyone can move that many units in the first week this man can. I can't wait to see how they truly monetize this latest collect of genetically freakishly predisposed mega-hits. These tracks are sure to be backdrops or foregrounds for more than a few massive marketing efforts or maybe not. I'll be watching and listening and someones many somewheres will be buying.

Droga5 (WHAT!!)
Creative Chairman:David Droga
Executive Creative Director:Duncan Marshall
Creative Director/Copywriter:Kevin Brady
Art Director:Jesse Juriga
Head of Integrated Production:Sally-Ann Dale
Production Company:Little Gino Productions
Director:Anthony Mandler
Director of Photography:Jonathan Sela
Executive Producer:Ciarra Pardo
Post Production:Ghost Town Media
Editor:Ryan Treese Bartley
VFX Artist:Brandon Parvini
Post Producer:Matthew Primm
Audio Post:Nylon Studios
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