SOS Mata Atlântica (Xixi no Banho)

Translation: I have no imaginable idea. My genetically enhanced powers of reason and deduction (that can't even be done, but the sentence felt a little flat) have lead me to extrapolate a most logical hypothesis! That somewhere deep in the bowels of the Brazilian government a committee was formed, not just any committee, no. They this rag-tag motley crew of bureaucratic malfeasance set it's blistering gaze on human waste and the effects upon the world at large. And we happy bevy of liberals here in the states think health care is big brother's end game. No dear friend, It is Brazil Office of Urinal Affairs that is a real looming and growing threat to our collective freedoms (our should I say pee-dom, yeah, I said it, through gritted teeth no less). They would insist that our extra sexy sisters and brothers in all of Brazilia relieve them selves... in the... (give me strength), the shower. Egad!

F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Brazil
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