Raggaefest: Canada

Kindly sharing guest says:
At first I thought it was a good idea, in trying to encourage other people to visit the festival but then I though why are they perfectly anglo-saxons? Why would they not feature people of various ethnicities with locks? Each poster has either a white man or a white woman on it. The imagae attached are the two posters combined.

As a young black female who works in marketing as graphic designer in Calgary, Alberta Canada I am a minority. Sometimes ads bother me but I don't know if I am being too sensitive or if there is a sublte message there?

Craig'nem say:
I really don't have that much of a problem with it. I think they know who their primary target is and are shooting for it. Could it be more diverse? Yes. "Perfectly anglo-saxon," lol, true, true. Should it better reflect the width and breadth of the Reggae audience in Canada? Hells Yeah Mon.

Are dem try to dun us? No Mon!

Thank you Anonymous, friend for life submitter!
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