Chris Rock's Good Hair Promo

Guud Huur, Baad Huur, that's some funny sh*t right thuur. This is a movie of epic proportions! The long standing... let's see right word needed here, hmm, debate or debacle or debasing, aha, got it, All of the above! The argument and the belief of some sort of "hair superiority" is something that has diseased the black community probably since slavery. The question of adopting silky, shiny, lengthy tresses as opposed to embracing the beautiful, bouncy, blackness and all the glorious textures in between, rages on. This time on the big screen, Oh My Curly wooly-headed Jesus! White friends don't even show up at your local cineplex on this opening day (I joke), because the weave will be wagging, hot combs will be high heat and the kitchen will be cooking! Black folks come prepared for the dirty laundry (and hair) to be aired out. This film is rated: FDLS for fried, died and laid to the side (White friends ask Bernadette in accounts receivable what that means... use your friendly voice).
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