Art & Copy: Movie Trailer

I'm an ad man at heart. That may be changing, but that's another blog post. This movie art and copy is something I must t see. Of course I noticed the lack of diversity in this promo too, but that's another blog po... st. Hey, no it's not! Hey where are the brothers in this film! Can we get a Harry Webber, the iconoclastic advertising man, cameo in this thing? To bad it looks like the same good ol' boy party. This really gets to the heart of my delima with advertising. I love it so much but it doesn't love me. And I know there are some African American s out there killing it on both the agency and client side. Folks like Geoff Edwards, Jimmy Smith, Georg Olden back in the day or Caralene Robinson at Boost mobile the list goes on and on. Even with the disparaging numbers in the diversity column, people of color are still making a lot of great things happen in the advertising industry.

But I will see it but I don't gotta like it. I mean I might like it but I won't really dig it.

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