MLK Jr. Posthumously Sides with the GOP

[Borrowed from Agency Spy]

Billboard ads can say the darndest things. A conservative group dubbed the Raging Elephants is sponsoring new outdoor signage that was unveiled in Houston over July 4th weekend which reads, "Martin Luther King Jr. Was a Republican!"

Led by Apostle Claver T. Kamaur-Imani, the group as expected is causing controversy in the neighborhood and getting into spats with community activists who argue that the late civil rights leader should be held above political affiliation. Kamaur-Imani, whose video promoting the billboard can be viewed here, is "leading America's 2nd emancipation" as the slogan says.

But community activist Quannell X argues, "The party of Tom Delay, the party of Rush Limbaugh, the party of Sean Hannity, the party of Michael Savage would not be the party of Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior!"

MLK's political leanings, though, were already heatedly discussed back in 2006, when the National Black Republican Association launched a radio ad that irked quite a few people.

While there apparently is no tangible proof of Martin Luther King's pro-GOP stance, the billboard has seemingly served its purpose by raising eyebrows and making one's highway commute a bit more interesting.


Maybe MLK was a republican, maybe he was a klansmen, maybe he was water buffalo lodge member. It doesn't matter. He saw the light. He saw the truth, he spoke the truth into power. I would looooooooooooooooooooove for the republican party to follow the Kingian example! If this were anything more than a stunt I would be concerned, no happy. I would be happy if the GOP began to emulate the precepts of Doctor Martin Luther King. I would join today!!!
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