Baskin-Robbins: Ice Cream and Cake

This is a great pick up on a song that's been bubbling under for a few years now. Yes, a few years! Never heard it? Me either, but the KMBA research Labs (Google) has done some snooping around and found that this spot has music from a group called "The Buckwheat Boyz." I'm not crazy about the name. I know that's going to start a long comment war with my friend Todd. Yeah I said it. But I think the song is mindlessly funny and the commercial is shockingly cool. The music is a rip on a few very popular "Too Live Crew, Luther Campbell, Poison Clan" song(s). This music was the very underbelly of rap music in it's day. These were strip club anthems that no one could ever imagine in a general market TV spot. But now, here they are all shiny and sanitized for you ice cream licking protection. ( Is this what Dan Wieden meant when he said, " this business I essentially hire a bunch of white, middle-class kids, pay them enormous, enormous sums of money to do what? To create messages to the inner-city kids who create the culture the white kids are trying like hell to emulate”?)

All that aside, I say, 'well did!' Little kids will love it, singing will commence, parents will hate it, ice cream will be purchased, little kids will consume and singing will cease (wipe kid, rinse kid, repeat purchase). Look, I see that it's incredibly stupid, but that's the appeal and for a major agency to pick up on it and the client to buy it is even more mind-numbingly hip. Well, it's hip for adults in an agency. The teen kids on the streets have all but abandoned this and moved on to the "Peanut Butter Jelly" song. The song even comes with a built in dance that came about pretty organically and while not corporately sponsored and can take on a life of it's own, this dance craps all over the potty dance. The spot doesn't talk down or patronize anyone, it simply whole-heartedly takes on the buzz, the cool, the kooky, the crazy, underground nature of the song and let's it breathe new life into and long standing brand. I say good work. Look for Skippy or Jif to get the "PBJ song" campaign going about 2013.

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