ABSOLUT iDrink - the iPhone app that helps you select & mix drinks. Really.

Posted by Dabitch on Jul 2 2009 | Filed under: advertising news

Fine, so they didn't call it iDrink but they should have, because it opens up for countless gags - but today Absolut Vodka has launched an iPhone app, called Drinkspiration, which you can download for free from the app store. It's there to help you when you're too sloshed at the bar to figure out what to drink.
"Who hasn't stood at the bar without knowing what to order? Our hopes is that Drinkspiration by ABSOLUT will become the ultimate bar-buddy. The App gives advice, personal recommendations and is an inspiring road into the world of mixed drinks."
said Fredrick Tallroth, Senior Manager Interactive Marketing at The Absolut Company.

With "Drinkspiration" you can also share on twitter and facebook what drinks you have chosen and announce to the world what a barfly you are. ;)

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