Ya boy is back, the bounce is back, the booze is back

Why does anyone think this 70's icon (Lady Sings the Blues, Mahogany), 80's comeback (Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi)and 90's cameo appearance star (In living Color) should be in these ads again? Who's the intended audience for malt liquor these days? I cast no aspersion on Billy D. William. I love him. This man had (I hate you use this word) s-s-swagger (there, got it out) before we knew what it was and his picture should appear in the wikipedia posting of the aforementioned term ( I use the term 'term' loosely). But I remember there was some outrage for years when he first got his first contract or paycheck for... I mean, decided to endorse this smooth tasting soul drain-o libation. I'm happy one of my favorite actors is getting a little kick-back, but at what cost? I've seen the ravages of alcohol on many communities and the low cost high proof brands are the worst. But I guess it still 'goes down smoooth' for some marketers and with a slogan like 'it works every time' you just have to give a go one more time. Maybe it will be successful but, "success is nnnnothing without someone you love to share it with!!"

Let's think of Mr. Williams as he is today, an artist and a gentleman.

"I call my paintings 'Abstract Reality'. Sometimes I refer to them as 'Impressions/Expression'. It's the best way I can explain them." Come in and view our different gallery rooms.

Thanks HighJive for reminding me and asking the question, "Why does he look like he did in the eighties in those ads?"
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