Subway: Eaten Word (City Symphony)

Global Hue steps up to the plate and chomps down on a "tuscan chicken melt" for Subway. The spot doesn't continue the "$5 dollar foot-long" mantra that has been droning on for what seems longer than the recession and slightly more debilitating. Instead they try an "Eat Fresh" approach by losing the chanting and bring on the rapping (read spoken word). The spot starts off with a rushed bit of a concept where the city stops and a jazz combo slides in when someone pulls out and prepares to eat a sub. Did you catch that? I watched it over and over again to get that point. I've been there before where you have an idea and it gets brushed aside either in editing, scripting or by the client. So the spot rushes into it's quirky parts with the humorous spoken word ode de sandwiches. The cast goes beatnik delivering staccato lines like, "Sweet peppers the best, whaaaat, makes me flex my chest..." *pectoral flexing ensues*. All in all the spot makes you take note while taking you away from the five dollar singing but does it make you want to buy a sandwich or put you in the mind of Subway? I think it does. It also makes me feel like this is a premium sandwich and not available for five bones per foot. The agency succeeds at changing the pace and making me a little hungry, so I can say we have been, well served.

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