Graphic Designer: Tasheka Arceneaux

I chanced upon this wonderfully expressive artiste de graphique a while back and was blown away by the vivacious energy she manages to put onto a page. Her images are strong and deliberate with a intentional lack of cliches. You can almost feel the explorative psychic energy push aside convention and usher in freshness. This is where more African American advertising and design should go.

It is my sincere attempt to showcase as many artist and designers out there doing it and doing it well. I think sometimes I don't feature enough of the Female talents. As you can see from the explosive designs in this post, we miss the best of us we exclude the gifts of black women. I'll do my best to preview and highlight more women of color art directors, designers, fine artist, planners, etc. If you know any please don't hesitate to hip me to them.

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