Advertising Trend: Nudity a.k.a. Nakedity™

It's that time again when you see so many general market ads follow the same trend. Every so often as if on cue they all just sorta fall in line. Perhaps not intentionally or it could be joke du jour, but its worthy of noting. They begin to resemble the march of the advertising penguins. We've seen gnomes along with various lawn animals, bears and even penguin. The latest trend to be unwrapped is "Bare-assedness." You have the perennial parade of some pretty, some pale and some pasty parts to preview every where you turn.

Dorito's dude dippers.

Airline airbrushed asses.

Tabasco tidbit tacklers.

The Nike no-show niblets.

The funny thing is I've been pitching a nakedity™ campaign to a client myself. (You know who you are) They aren't having any of it.
I'm not mad at the gen market agencies, if sex sells it -- nakedity nails it. Beside a lot of African American shops (I'm guilty as hell) have been steadily pumping jazz bands, poetry slams, family reunions & cookouts for years. Oh and I can't leave out what is known as the B.A.H. (Big Ass Head) ad in the ethnic hair car industry.
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