Gatorade: Woods of wisdom II & Behind the Scenes

This Gatorade must really allow for focus and endurance. Because TBWA is taking it intravenously. They must sit at their desk's with it on tap. These folks have done about thirty-eight spots for the sweet brightly colored human fuel. So based on the high quality of the work and the sheer number of commercials and marketing, you guys win I will drink it... daily. Gatorade works and so does TBWA. Guys, take a break.

Oh, by the way I will have my first interview here on KMBA with Jimmy Smith!!! That's right I'm starting with the big gun DA-DA!

Jimmy Smith call me. Jerry, have Jimmy call me would you? Don't make me call Lee Clow.

ECD Rob Schwartz
group cd/copywriter Jimmy Smith
group cd/art director Jerry Gentile
associate cd/copywriter Robin Fitzgerald.
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