Ambient Advertising Inspiration: B-Boy Lincoln

Abraham "B-Boy" Lincoln statue in Manchester, U.K.
"True Yank" Installation by Leon Reid IV sponsored by Urbis, Manchester 2009.

My "True Yank" Installation in Manchester, U.K. is a 150 year update of President Lincoln's gear. Homeboy needed it. Honest Abe had been standing there with decades old clothes even when the statue was made in 1919. He now has some bling to accompany his rock hard pose, and an oversized hat to represent the Yankees for which he was Commander-in-Cheif.

Although the installation looks guerilla in nature, it actually couldn't have happened without the permission and support of Manchester City council and the generous comission of Urbis. Thanks Mancs! (thats what they call Manchester people)

Leon Reid
Photos Courtesy Paul Luckraft
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