Dell: Adamo

Problem: We (people of color, various orientations & women) are too often used or related to as inanimate objects. Various coat hangers, products stands and props. We are evocations that underscore a product's coolness, sexiness or to approximate diversity. I gotta give it to the agency, the ad does say what they intended. The black model gives you sleek, sexy and fashion savvy. My indoctrination (read programming) to all of this does not fail me here. But we are tired of this portrayal and most general market agencies are far to comfortable with it. There-in is the problem. We are rarely implored to facilitate the intelligence a product's brand might impart as a white male would be.

But it's ok, baby-steps for now, we aint mad at ya, yet. The people who made this ad have probably never noticed how often a brother is the first to die in most every movie (that's right we're keeping count). Even in The cult classic "A Christmas Story." What did that kid do with that Red Ryder BB gun?? But that's another blog post, don't even get me started.

Suggestion: How do you make this work and nobody gets hurt? Well, for one thing minorities could toughen up a bit and stop whining about ads and sh*t. Nope, that is not it. Maybe art direction could be abstracted more. Or if they want to keep the minimalist feel the model could give off just an inkling of life. Whatever happens it needs just a pinch, a hint of... I don't know, more conceptual support.


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