Artistic Inspiration: Brian "Deka" Paupaw

Hoods to Woods
Brian "Deka" Paupaw is a broadcast designer, creative director of the Se7en Nations clothing brand (still kicking?), a serious snowboarder, and now a filmmaker. He chronicles his journey from Bed-Stuy to South American back country mountains in his recently completed documentary, Hoods to Woods.

Hoods to Woods trailer #2 from Brian Paupaw on Vimeo.

This is amazing thinking. This is how you promote a brand. Taking two totally different worlds and merging them together and completely freaking the form.

African American Agencies should use this kind of innovation in a campaign instead of the family reunion... again.

It was screened in the NYC (March 5th, 2009):
Hoods to Woods Screening
Hosted by Filmmaker Brian "Deka" Paupaw
The Blue Seats
157 Ludlow Street, New York, NY 10002

another hot cop from the blindingly brilliant:
Style Noir
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