Coca-Cola: Future History Makers

Coca-Cola produces a heart warming visual piece for Black History Month. The psuedo-spoken word copy is a tad cliche by format only. Because really, I said, because really... we still need to hear isht like that. Sometimes we as advertising professionals get a lil caught up in our own world. We say things like that's been done before (I know I'm guilty, I started a whole blog on that sh*t). But to that ten year old kids who reads it (and doesn't remember the one you worked on in "97") or an adult for that matter, those "lyrics" can be quite inspiring.

"Coca-Cola is using the star power of NBA All Star, LeBron James, platinum selling R&B artist Musiq Soulchild and acclaimed artist Kadir Nelson to deliver an uplifting message to African American consumers. The message, “BE LEGENDARY,” “BE DRIVEN,” “BE GIVING” and “BE HEARD,” is communicated through a print campaign that inspires the human spirit through four striking contemporary illustrations with original poetry. This year’s program is part of the Company’s new “Open Happiness” integrated marketing campaign by reinforcing the special connection that exists between consumers and its brands."

I really dig the Kadir Nelson illustration with throw-back Harlem Renaissance Aaron Douglas styled images imposed onto the superior figure ground. I see you Kadir... with the whole past, present, future juxtaposition thang, I get dat. Yeah you got down on that right thuur.
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