Black Ad Creator Series Part I

Jayanta Jenkins: The Prince of Advertising

I post a lot of ads here by Nike. I'm always intrigued by the insight and understanding they seem to have consistently. Well there's a reason for that. They have smart people behind the scenes digging ideas up. One of the smart people is Jayanta Jenkins. Their are all kinds of smarts, book smart, emotional smarts, cultural smarts, athletic intelligence, artistic/aesthetic intelligence, etc. This brother wraps them all up and plays them like instruments in a band, hence the Prince (think Purple Rain) analogy. We are boundless in our abilities and Jayanta displays that with flair. His work is a quintessential example of African American diversity of thought and talent.

Here Jayanta shows there is no color to a good idea. For me personally it's just always good to know we are out there doing it at every level.

More here.
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