Orange: Snoop Dogg

I'm the first person to laugh at the over used stereotype of white peoples' awkward approach to Black culture. The whole out of context colloquialisms and mis-repped phraseology thing. For some reason it's still funny to me. Hell, you get a white guy to do the robot and I'm out of my seat on the floor with a high pitched-version of Eddie Murphy's laugh (don't imagine it, it aint pretty). This spot was awful. Who raps about Crystal anymore. The spot starts with an anachronism and just feels wrong. If this were '01 it might feel more timely. Then the guy walks in and calls Snoop "Huggy Bear"??? That is an obscure reference from like '04, they're getting better, but still in the wrong half of the decade. I like that the "white guy' has a crew (although I'm pretty sure in this creative meeting it was referred to as a "Posse!"). Then to deeply salt my wounded mind they then commence with a rapid fire barrage of (what to call this?... oh, I got it) sanitized corporate "we use it in the board room now" rap-speak, ummm - izzle.
And WT(M)F was the unnecessary gun reference about. It's like they couldn't help themselves. It may have been funnier if he did shoot the guy. I know, now I'm reenforcing the stereotype. But you loved it when Indiana Jones just dropped a guy like that. OK so never mind that. But that ending rap "I'll spit it" was violence against my soul... Man down.

BRAND: Orange
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