PUTNEY SWOPE - Truth and Soul Inc. (re-post)

PUTNEY SWOPE (1969) This film, a satire directed by Robert Downey Sr., puts a subversive spin on a portrait that became increasingly prevalent during the 1960s: the adman as soulless peddler. The plot is centered on a token black man on the board of an agency who is improbably promoted to chairman. He renames the shop Truth and Soul Inc. (somebody's gotta use that) and insists on dropping all accounts for products like tobacco and toy guns.

“I’ve been supervising the war-toy account for 12 years,” an executive complains, “and let me tell you something: Deny a young boy the right to have a toy gun and you’ll suppress his destructive urges and he’ll turn out to be a homosexual — or worse.”

Fun fact: “Putney Swope” was filmed in black and white, but the commercial parodies appear in color. The best is for an imaginary acne remedy, which a girl praised this way: “My man uses Face Off. He’s really out of sight — and so are his pimples.”

That's right Robert Downy Sr.
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