MKS MadCrazyLove & The Making Thereof

UniWorld gets it in with a surprisingly cinematic and sensual spot for the Lincoln MKS. There's actually room for a touch of levity in the story line. The long format works well here. It's a lovely car presented beautifully. (And right on cue, enter the ad guy.) I can't knock this ad. Lincoln should give UniWorld more money in the budget next year so they can explore more generous ideas in their marketing. But what I really love is the behind the scene stuff. I love the electricity of being on the set. Almost as much as I love concepting projects, almost as much as I love putting it all together. Much more than I love long meetings. Much more than I love long ass creative briefs (more than a page should be outlawed. More than three pages should be punishable by working for Diddy. More than five pages should be ratified by congress.) Keep it brief, that's all I'm sayin'.

Enjoy the behind the scenes vid...

And the ad is ssschmoking too.

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