Handan. Hand made racist.

Handan. Hand made jewellery. Right. Yep, you knew it. Sooner or later this blog would use the dirty "R" word. Follow along boys and girls... we are going there. But I'm not angry and I'm not angry about these ads. It's just the blatant demeaning objectification of black people. Black people as jewelry. Seriously? They seem to say "poor black children made them just for you, because you're worth it" or "the ultimate in fashion is now 'wearable n=words.'" I'm amazed that no one at the agency saw this as a problem. I think we just got a little pysche peep here. We can actually see a little of what these people were thinking. Now maybe it was just an oversight and I believe it was. I'm sure there was no malicious intent in creating these ad. But to some, this type of imagery hurts. Not always right away but, something like this can tell a child your not human at all. You are, in this instance, an adornment. I don't think anyone involved would like to see their child hanging for dear life from a dookie chain as Kanye West's Jesus piece. By the way, it is considered by some just as wrong when a black professional athlete adorns himself with arms full of white women... or, um, is that not the same thing? Well, I know some sisters get really pissed!

P.S. These would make the bomb ads for Amnesty international! Something like "Stop unpaid child labor" or Child labor enslaves us all..." you know with the hands being placed in these ads exactly were shackle were placed on us.

Booty's by request!!! All Asses in!

Alice/BBDO, Istanbul
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