Support the Mad Black Men Fundraiser

Have a look at this interesting and funny Indiegogo project by Xavier Ruffin and crew. They want to show a more accurate version of the Mad Men era and let it be know that Black people were alive and making strides in the earliest days of advertising.

[We are] trying to raise some additional funds to pay for props in our Motionmaker Fund Winning Mad Black Men.
Matt Weiner is lying when he says Mad Men is accurate with its portrayal of blacks in the 1960s and that there were no black people working in the Ad Industry in the early/mid/late 1960s. The facts show differently. Mad Black Men is a dramatic comedy that shows the alternate perspective of a few black people who live in a parallel universe where black people get genuine camera time and story lines.
We are raising money to help with achieving an authentic 1960s look on film.


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