Marvel Issues an All (Mostly) Black Comic Series...

For the past several days, Marvel Comics has been teasing fans with a graphic labeled "Mighty" featuring a growing number of icons representing their superheroes and assembled in the design style championed by writer Jonathan Hickman. The accumulated images have led many to expect that the publisher will be launching a new "Mighty Avengers" title out of their incoming "Infinity" event series, and today they confirmed it. via

Mighty Avengers was announced recently as a superhero comic with a team made up mostly of black characters. There were exceptions, She Hulk and Spider-Man. According to CBR, Tom Brevoort talked about Spider-Man, being the Otto-Inside Superior Spider-Man.

The Superior Spider-Man will also take a part on the team, though with the mind of Otto Octavius in the driver’s seat, questions abound as to his motivations. “He’s not going to miss a giant, horrible thing happening in the middle of New York,” he said of the “Infinity” launch for the series. From there, Otto takes a “Who do you people think you are?” approach to the new team trying to protect “his” city, and his place on the team will be a rather antagonistic one as he forces his way into the proceedings.

This should be all manner of awesome.

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