BHM Series by Eunique Jones Photography

This is an awesome series by Eunique Jones. I use the word awesome too much, but it's fitting here. 



Anonymous said...

I got lost with Whoopi Goldberg and Kerry Washington. Everything else is great imo.

Eunique Jones said...

Craig - Thanks so much for sharing my series! Unlike BHM campaigns I grew up seeing, I decided to focus on individuals past AND current who have and/or continue to pave the way. Our history is rich, our present is inspiring and our future is BRIGHT! Thanks so much!


Craig Brimm said...

Eunique, the series is just awesome along with your other work. I smile every time I see it!

Kimberly Ward said...

I Love this. I love the thought. Letme think about this for a few days. I'll be in touch.