WordPlay T-Shirt

In 2007, WordPlay, a t-shirt line was created based on the duality and clever use of words.  The owner's goal was to create a unisex line of t-shirts with positive, witty and sometimes edgy messaging.  Its tagline, "what does it mean to you?" represents the brand's voice that speaks to individualism and the wearer's perception of the design displayed.

In June 2012, the brand relaunched with fresh designs that represent the brand's identity and playfulness.  Twisting the popular saying, F*ck My Life (FML) one of the most popular designs is Love My Life (LML).  WordPlay also has a design that has fun with one of Jay Z's popular songs, "99 Problems but a B*tch Ain't One" and through joking with a friend that she should create a design for fans of the tan, she created the concept, "99 Problems but a Tan Ain't One".  This design is for those who are naturally tanned and anyone who spends hours in the tanning booth.

One of WordPlay's most popular design, "Chosen" is coming soon and will be launched as a brand under the company's umbrella.  The definition for "Chosen" is, selected from a number of possibilities; picked by preference and that's how the owner wants everyone to feel when rocking a WordPlay tee. 

Their blog is set to feature, Word Player's", hip hop artists, singers, musicians, songwriters, producers...anyone who honors the art of word play and who's passion is to create things the evoke words.  The blog will highlight up and coming artists, groups and popular artists.

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