Enter: Locomotus

Locomotus is a new Year round program from the creators of the Marcus Graham Project (MGP). The MGP was created to address the diversity needs of the advertising industry. A well heeled industry that makes its money by persuading others to buy, participate and use services and goods to sustain the economy at large. This same industry that has so masterfully sold us things as divergent as the Pet Rock, the Slinky and a myriad uber-useless as well as undiscovered but needed products — can't seem to sell itself on integration and an over-arching sense of FairPlay.

One man with a vision; Lincoln Steffens stepped into the gap where so many have stood before — with varying degrees of success in this daunting mission. Steffens has made a huge difference. He's been a relentless soldier and fighter for what he believes in.

His latest venture is Locomotus seeks to bring the tenets of the MGP to the next level. Locomotus will be a year round school that feeds the industry with undeniable talent and it is a game changer. As the kids say, "sh*t just got real." I'm looking forward to watching this evolution of advertising take place. I think these kids are about to blow the dust off the stagnant mindset that pervades what we call marketing today. We all have a front row seat, now let's not just watch, there's a price for admission, please support them in any way you can.

Start changing things here.


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Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

This is dope to see, something I feel I can sharw with my younger family from various areas of the minority spectrum. I guess my only hesitation is where the OGs draw the line with what they will or will not sell. Thx 4 posting Craig!