Big SHFT - Bionic Yarn

Big SHFT - Bionic Yarn from SHFT on Vimeo.

Tyson Toussant and Tim Coombs decided to dedicate themselves towards finding a way to convert those discarded plastic bottles into textiles. From this, Return Textiles was born and shortly after, those same bottles that were seen scattered throughout the city have been transformed into what is now called Bionic Yarn. Piquing the interest of Pharrell Williams in 2009, Bionic Yarn has since then been crafted into bags, jackets and jeans, and has been used by fashion labels such as Moncler and Tiberland. In this video, Tyson Toussant goes over the ethos behind what drives himself and the company, while Pharrell joins in to explain what exactly caught his eye three years ago.


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k.d. isaacs said...

I've been following Bionic Yarn for awhile now. Glad to see the progress.