Jay Z "designed" the Brooklyn Nets Logo

Officially, the Brooklyn Nets revealed their colors and logo Monday and it's no different than the black and white onethat leaked a week ago.

It's cool, it's traditional and it's simple. And guess who came up with it? Nets minority owner Jay Z. Via

The new primary logo – created by Brooklyn's own JAY Z – retains the shield from its previous iteration, and adds that iconic Brooklyn 'B' to the basketball that has been part of every logo since the franchise's 1967 inception as the Americans. The Dodgers had their lettermark, and the Nets have added another model for the borough to bear. "Brooklyn," of course, is spelled out below. Nets CEO Brett Yormark called this "the new badge for Brooklyn," and JAY Z believes the design's boldness demonstrates confidence in the new direction.

Well, that's neat. Especially since he did a fantastic job with it. It mixes history (it's the old Nets logo) with history (the "B" is similar to the Brooklyn Dodgers).

A new logo and colors doesn't change the fact that the team is in trouble with Deron Williams potentially leaving town, with Dwight Howard spurning them and the rest of the roster less than average. But the makeover does give a little fresh look and start to the organization.

It seems like there's a new buzz around the Nets, which is precisely what the goal was with this move. They're trying to compete with the Knicks and they have to be bold and cool. I'd say with Jay Z handling logo designs, that's a pretty good start.

from CBS Sports
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