Pages Launches

Burrell communications launches their latest iteration of and this time they keep it simple and clean. No zeitgeist dictated encumbrances like; blogs; Tumblrs; Facebook feed or front page tweets to chase the social whims. Just a plain 'Fresh News' window to keep you up on that latest moves of the marketing behemoth. Aside from that, they list four very strong and clear messages that reflect the shop's core values: The unthought known (wish I wrote that); Black is the new black (not groundbreaking but truer than ever in 'post-racial' America); Spheres of influence (pretty self explanatory); Positive realism (The way a lot of the best marketing portrays African American's today). That's it — I get it. I'd wish for a little more edge, maybe even go simpler... no pics at all. But I'm not the audience. The audience is big and bold marketers who need to get THE MESSAGE quick fast and in a hurry. One thing that's always interesting about Burrell is: they are always 100% upfront with the fact that they are an African American Agency. They don't even toy with the notion of 'multicultural' or cross cultural, they are AA and I'm AA-OK with that.

Agency know thyself. For real son.

For the record I am mad at this guy and his hat... who's idea was this?

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