KIss My White Ads

Cliches in stereo or in stereotypes; At any rate they abound in this spot and it's chuckle-worthy if you can get past all the banality. The black woman on white man's lap nicely balanced out by white woman on black man's lap. This spot screams misogyny and the women are from a bygone era that probably never really existed. The lovely maxim of black sassy back up singers and melodic R&B dulcetly delivered in a blue-eyed soulful falsetto all add up to a commercial that's gonna piss some people off. Not me so much, but somebody. I thought the music was great, it reminded me of the Flight of the Concords show I miss so much and the humor is actually on par with the show.  What did you think about it?

Leo Burnett, Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Andy DiLallo
Creative Director: Tim Green
Copywriters / Art Directors: Rupert Taylor, Tim Green, Andy DiLallo
Agency Producer: Rita Gagliardi
Client Service Director: Peter Bosilkovski
Account Director: Jodi McLeod
Senior Account Manager: Sam McGown
Planner: Warwick Heathwood
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Tom Kuntz
Director of Photgraphy: Alwin Kuschler
Editor: Gavin Cutler
Exec Producers: Jeff Scruton, David Zander
Production Designer: Andy Reznik
Music: Song Zu
Music Director: Ramesh Sathia
Sound Design: Abigail Sie
Lyrics: Rupert Taylor, Tim Green, Andy DiLallo
Music: Ramesh Sathia, Nathan Cavaleri
Producer: Larissa Coupe

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