Roy Eaton an Testament to Diversity

I spotted this post at the always stunning MultiCultClassics. It's simply amazing. Roy Eaton cross the stagnant color line in advertising way back in 1955 and flourished. Here's a quote he left at MulticCultClassics:

I was the “Jackie Robinson” of general market creatives. Starting at Y&R in 1955. I am appalled at the lack of progress that has been made till now. I have a presentation that I gave at DraftFCB and will be giving at my alma mater Y&R that addresses the action that must be taken on both sides of this equation. To continue the lie that “there just isn’t enough Black talent out there” is a cover-up for an American malady that must be addressed. I am open to presenting my solution to any Agency willing to hear the “TRUTH ABOUT THE ADVERTISING INDUSTRY” and how to make meaningful progress. 

Roy Eaton

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