Music for commercials: Margo

Somehow way back in the magical mystical 80's. A time-warping mobile home took Prince, Gwen Stefani, Pam Grier and random androgynous members of Duran Duran on a camping trip. On this mega-orgy destined tryst there was only one tent equipped with one sleeping bag and a keg lubricant on tap. Things that would make your fantasies puke were rumored to have happened. A scant 6 months later, 6000 miles away Grace Jones burped up this raucous little funk kitten and called her Margo. Although it makes no sense to me why; I like her. But I like anything remotely reminiscent of fresh boxed spandex funk. (what?) WHAt I'm trying to say is her music should be pimped commercially now -- Today. It's fun and would make a great backdrop for something. Don't ask me what.
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