Verizon Wireless Celebrates Your Story

In honor of Black History Month Verizon Wireless would like to hit you with a few things you didn't know. Firstly, BHM involves more than just same abbreviated characters served up in microwave form every year around this time. Our greatness runs the depth and breadth of history. I think this campaign gets back to the roots of what BHM is all about. Something that's been overlooked for years and that is; Black History Month is about learning and exploring black history. My only wish is that these stories were longer, but I know everyone's not a black history geek/nerd/abuser like me so they had to make the pieces palatable to more than just me. Even so I'm getting some great learning here. The best thing about these is they will be around. Thanks to them all being on youtube, they will be a healthy deposit of knowledge resource for years to come. And that is what I consider vital information. Thank you Global Hue we need this.

More here and here.

Big ups to the team that created it all:
Keira Edwards, Janina Lundy, India Robinson, Joyce Simmons, Verushka Wilson, Desmond Hall, Dale Bramwell,  Vince Smith, Nick Haurus,  Leona Frett, Roxy Tirado and Jessica Vasquez
A special thanks to Neisha Tweed!

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