Michael Jackson by Arno Bani

from whitezine... wait, what?
A couple years ago, the king of the pop Michael Jackson saw a Time magazine with a photography made by a small french artist called Arno Bani. Michael turned to his manager and asked for Arno Bani to create the artwork of his next album. The photoshoot was made, but the pictures were never revealed, sadly. A couple weeks ago, Arno Bani, decided to release them to the press. The young photographer is now a little bit more famous, a little bit older, and the photographies will be auctionned in Paris on December 13th.

And since they’re so cool, Whitezine is offering two places to the auctionning so you can try and take a look at those amazing portraits. They’ve seen them, Yes they rock. So leave them a comment and they’ll randomly chose two winners And on the side of those 4 portraits, the small photographies that were taken through the photoshoot will be sold, as will be sold a book in a limited edition of 1000 issues. Finally, top of that, a mayorship run on foursquare will let your win one of these. More infos on the website



Amanda said...

Craig -

These pics are kinda spooky. They have a really ghostlike feel. Especially the "Sphinx". Thanks so much for sharing! I reblogged and linked to you. #bloglove

kgreer said...

I can't stop looking! They are beautiful and hypnotizing.