The high cost of kids can make you more responsible in the sack

$1,154 for a year of diapers?! Pass the condoms, please.

If Don Draper were walking among us, we're betting he'd count this as a pretty clever sell: Sir Richard's, a new condom startup, is advertising its wares not by promises of hair-pulling, nail-scratching pleasure, but rather economics. Simply put, it costs so much to have a damn kid that you better not have one by accident.
The new brand is the brainchild of TDA, an ad agency based in Boulder, with backing from Kreloff Equity Partners. The goals for Sir Richard's are several: One is simply aesthetic, as the guys at TDA figured that condom packaging had settled into cliches that rendered the product nearly invisible. Another is social: For every condom bought, one condom will be donated to a country in need. And the third is in the marketing. Here, the idea is to simply add up the spiraling costs of raising a kid. The boxes, for example, come with stickers that add up the cost of various necessities such as education and strollers.

The outdoor campaign, meanwhile, is meant to be geared toward different cities. This one for New York shows the cost of sending your kid to the various top-tier private schools around the city.
Of course, therein is a bit of a mystery: These are all very highbrow references. These kind of befit the intended audience, given that these condoms are being sold at Paul Smith, Fred Segal, Viceroy, and Whole Foods. But we're seriously doubting that many unexpected parents end up with Bugaboos and tuition bills from Chapin. Smart as the campaign is, it probably needs more than a little of the everyman touch to truly be relevant. After all, having a kid is expensive, no matter if it's a silver spoon or a tin spoon in their mouths.
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