Oprah owns! (a new logo type thingy)

She owns a new network logo and damn near everything else she may want. But this logo feels like a bliz-aster from the piz-ast. I don't like it. The 'O' looks like Good Morning America, the 'W' looks like plastic celery and the 'N' looks like Barney. I think Oprah's brand is bigger and friendlier that this logo suggest. I assume they were making it look stately & corporate with flashy colors. But I miss the warmth associated with Mama Oprah. Networks like 'WE' and TBS introduce a little fun or verve into the brand mix. This feels like I'm seriously not fun, but I dress fruity. Three-D colorful rainbow-esque type? It certainly misses the Oprah vigor.

Do you like it?

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