Michael Jackson – Keep Your Head Up (Let MIchael rest for a while please)

So a bunch of people have the bright idea to put out a few "new" Michael Jackson tracks. Things that Michael himself refused to put out. There's a good reason for that. It's not his best work. These tracks were shelved for a reason, either they weren't finished, maybe the fit perfectly into a soundscape unheard or MJ dubbed them unworthy. I'd put a little money on the latter. Why are folks digging up the ghost of an incomplete past. I love MJ too, but I can't get with these weak tracks not meant for public consumption.You wouldn't live in an unfinished house even if it was made by Frank Gehry or Zaha Hadid, well I might. But we shouldn't, not in the context of his body of work. This stuff should be viewed, promoted and appreciated as sketches, as concepts of songs. If you listen to the end of this track you can hear direct lifts from MJ's 'Earth Song.' One of his most powerfully riveting consciousness expanding songs, then some wise ass grafts his melodic cries to the end of this well intended but trite flint of a song. This is like attaching a Romare Bearden scrap to one of his early paint spills and calling it art (once again, I might like it, but I shouldn't). One profanes the other to the detriment of both. Mike knew it wasn't ready for prime-time, so he kept it in the closet. You can still hear MJ's genius in the music and some real jewels may be found in the attic. But there is so much more to be heard and understood in the work the artist chose to release and represent.

Here's a snippet of the song.

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