Footlocker gets on the good foot with Sneakerpedia

This is one of the smartest marketing coups of all time. If this works and I believe it will Footlocker is poised to run things in the minds of sneaker-heads throughout the known universe and beyond. In a mixture of social networking like Facebook and a collaborative encyclopedia project like Wikipedia, the network Foot Locker presents to the world Sneakerpedia .
We're talking about a mega project that will gather and archive all shoes sold in the world with their respective histories, variations and various information, which can be organized by categories, tastes and interests. Site users can, as Wikipedia, insert and modify the contents, leaving the project richer and richer, and also share experiences with each other sneaker-freakers.
The site is not yet live (for now only for guests), but promises to be a great reference for those who enjoy this world of sneakers. For now you can check out a trailer for the project. 


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