Burrell's 'Brainwashed' book becomes bodacious brainteaser

from TMN
In "Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority," marketing communications pioneer Tom Burrell launched a deprogramming movement --- challenging individuals to explore their own levels of black inferiority conditioning. Now on Burrell has launched the Are You Brainwashed? Quiz to spark critical discussion and open the floodgates of black conversation. 

Burrell created this provocative educational tool with award-winning journalist Sylvester Brown, Jr., and in consultation with Dr. Ronald E. Hall, co-author of The Color Complex. It is the next step in his mission to raise awareness and encourage African Americans to "question, analyze, unplug, and reprogram" themselves from media distortions and racial stereotypes. The quiz will be posted nationally on websites and blogs, including

Designed to raise consciousness about beliefs and values related to people's levels of black inferiority conditioning, the survey uses familiar images and thought-provoking statements to dig at the roots of the disturbing black inferiority complex that still plagues African Americans. Respondents are asked to evaluate a range of 40 direct statements on a scale of strongly agree to strongly disagree. Statements include: "If white racism ended tomorrow, the race problem in America would be over," "Dark skin is not as beautiful as light skin," "Black kids should hide how smart they are to avoid being bullied or told they are acting white," and "Buying expensive or exclusive brands shows that I'm important."

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