Brut's slapping brothers

So, let me get this straight Brut. Old Spice comes outta nowhere (nowhere meaning it's been building brand momentum for years now) and kicks in the door with a clever campaign. In the process inadvertently waking up your sleepy brand (sleepy meaning both yourself and the consumers forgot you existed). Now you wanna wake up & do a campaign slapping random brothers as an opening salvo on what exactly? Brut is really smelling itself these days. And the whiff is spring fresh cocky. Good luck with that one fellas.

Here's the rub; there is a wonderful opportunity out there now. Like it or not Old Spice has opened the door for this brand to go ANYWHERE. (By anywhere I mean somewhere relevant for your brand) As opposed to picking up whatever brand crumbs Old Spice left on the table. Hint: There are none left. O.S. wiped that *ss clean and moved on. Brut, go forth boldly no need to chase a campaign that now lives in todays short memory version of legend. Because that Clipper has sailed. The beauty is in that wide open horizon out there. Scents like yours are now free to roam about the brandesphere. And not just waft in on my uncle's thread barren trench coat riding shot-gun with the smell of Hennessy. Now he deserves a slap - you can go all Rick James on Charlie Murphy.

Scratch & Whiff here.

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