Q: Can you find the racist cues in this commercial?

Answers after the jump below.

Vodafone in New Zealand was way ahead of the curve years ago with selling sexting. One of the very first advertisements for Text Messaging (SMS) in New Zealand. At this stage cellphones were starting to become a must have for everyone and Vodafone was the only network where Text Messaging was possible. Telecom later introduced text messaging but wasn't available on all phones and texting between networks wasn't possible.

Free text Wednesdays was a Vodafone promotion in those days. But these little Afroid characters made it all sexty.

Answer: Note the little black man's afro keep growing while his pants get tighter and his chest spouts a medallion? 
And also note the black woman's butt and breast engorge as her outfit gets skimpier and trashier whilst her hair (weave?) gets longer and bigger. 

They both become hyper-sexualized versions of overly stereotypical imagery.

I guess when the Black populace of a nation (New Zealand) is 0.2% racist imagery is just fine?

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