Lincoln MKX is for the powerful sisters

The new launch for the Lincoln MKX shows a powerful black woman making moves in her career and in her love life while sporting fancy new wheels. I guess these sort of narratives are still in vogue in black advertising. I'm certain it tested well with the demographic. I'd hoped they would mimic the general market campaign starring a Mad Men character. I can imagine Carla the house lady all gussied up as the lawyer driving past all the Betty Drapers of the world. Or that other phantom black woman character/playboy bunny they promised us. Well, at any rate, this Uniworld spot conveys the message of seamless style and technology... even without the lovely Carla (Deborah Lacey).

Carla (Deborah Lacey)



Tafari said...

Tafari didnt like this commercial too much. He felt that the image of the woman was the typical hypersexed beast portrayed elsewhere in entertainment.

Craig Brimm said...

A sister can't ride off into the sunset and get her thug thizzle on?