Commercial Music: Rox

Every now and then I like to select a piece of music or artist that I think would be great for a commercial. It hasn't happened yet that any of my selections have made it to commercials, but I just like to think that I'm still ahead of my time. "I don't believe" is a pretty little diddy by ROX that would fit snuggly into a sassy little female targeted spot. You know the kind where the pretty -- has it all together type -- marches through her life and a well designed set at a snappy pace. Her life just seems to fall into place, even as she tosses her keys across the room and they land perfectly in a bowl on the counter -- you've seen the spot.
Or maybe it's a new GAP ad on that ghosty white non-backdrop and people do cute and goofy things like hide behind scarves and roll cutesy eyes as they stylishly tug at trademarked denim. You'd feel so good about their new ad you'd forget that logo thing that almost happened. Anywho this is Rox and she's my music for commercial moment for today. (Look for her in commercials everywhere circa 2014!)

More Rox Here.

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