Album Art Round-Up

Album art is always a great opp for art in design. Here are a few of the latest releases. Not all great art, but all interesting if only in the appeal of the artist. I love Kid Cudi's aged looking celestial dream and the clean cut Aloe Blacc album art. I love that Kanye West is never afraid to be an artist, but that fake hype around the "banned" art cover is just bland. Shouldn't banned mean we can't get it or see it? Shouldn't it perhaps be more "rarified." I know that's no easy task with the speed of the net, but why are you telling me something is banned, while simultaneously showing it off? 
The Nicki Minaj piece is... mmmm, interesting. Almost fitting for the lady who came in and reset the rap game. The name of the record has a classic ring to it. If the music is as jarring and as marginally transformative as her fledgling career has been so far, that name and image will easily fit into "classic" lore.

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