Agencies/Ad People/Idea People, watch the hell out of these videos!

Just do it. Do it now. Why because you are already six months behind, especially most African American advertising shops. And in the real world that six months is like dog years, so consider yourself 3.5 years behind. And in the marketing world, that's like five years. Which by the way in the new media world that's like, hmmm, let's say 20 years. Which by the way (I'm so glad we can talk this way, you know honestly) that explains why most African American advertising looks from the 80's! Now black shops, brand managers, marketers, etc., you know I love you -- hence the blog -- but it's time to change the game like we do in every damn thing else. I'm just as guilty as you, but damn, what are we waiting on people?
I'm just saying musically, grammatically,  cultural creation/influence, fashion, artistically, sports twitter trending topics and lately politics -- we rewrite the game daily. Why aren't we flipping this ad game too? (I have a theory as to why that is but you'll have to email me directly, to get that opinion [when writing reference: case #2301 Sec 187], see; Bill Gates effect).

But really we could all learn a lot from these videos.
CAVEAT: Do not, I repeat do not try and stick to these videos/words as a script. They serve as merely an impetus to newer fresher script flippier thinking.

More video/less ranting after the jump.

Video 2: Here Alex explains why he sees pitching as better than no review business. And why pitching an account is like R&D. 

Video 3: Is all about the reasons to cheat in pitches and in business. Learn to cheat from the best.

Video 4: Old Rules vs. New Rules - Or - How Bogusky invented the future (Eat that Al Gore)

Video 5: Random list of rules; They just made 'em up. You can too. b\w How to do new business.

Video 6: Not Bogusky yet? Keep watching & Learn his cycle of growth then create your own!

Now get out there little beaver and use those big buck teeth to carve a niche of your own liking into the side of the planet!
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