Afrobella to Kohls; We need to talk!

Ah, Halloween a time of mischief and mirth and unabashed racist themes galore. For the better part of October mockery is the order of the day. Far be it from Kohls to miss the festivities. Black people are easy targets with their funny ways and their almost alien culture and hair. Let's all just wig out!

This crap is ridiculous! What year is this? I saw this at the brilliant where she gave them a lil piece of her mind and suggested they have a lil talk.  Kohls after you get off the line with Afrobella, give me a ring, would ya? Ready your censors along with the ten-second delay and bleep button.

Picked out @ Afrobella

Gotta go old school booty on this one! They receive the highly coveted quintuple booty award on this one

UPDATE: KOHLS has removed the "Ghetto Fab Wig" from their online store. Behold the power of the booty!

People LOVE their hair! More than ever and this was insensitive and wrong.

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